Two Dollar DIY Disney Cruise Fish Extender

It’s no secret that when you go on a Disney Cruise decorating your stateroom door is matter to be taken seriously. The more decked out the better. You are basically considered a negligent parent if you don’t go all out on your door decorations, so naturally I felt compelled to make sure our door looked like Mickey threw up on it! However, I’m a girl with an eye for a bargain (thanks Ursula!) so I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on door crafts, nor did I have a ton of free time to spend crafting our door swag.

One door decor must have is what’s called a “Fish Extender” which is a set/row of hanging bags that hang from the fish hook outside of your stateroom door. Cast members or other cruisers will pass by and place treats on the bags. I also made sure to bring an assortment of little surprises for the kids bags each night… candy, stickers, Disney blind bags, etc.

So here’s my quick guide for go-to Two Dollar Disney Fish Extenders…

  • Mini Canvas Tote Bag Set (4)- $3.99 from Hobby Lobby
  • Various stickers, stones, and foam letters- purchased from the Dollar Tree
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  1. On each bag, cut on strap off.
  2. Cut the existing strap in half.
  3. Hot glue each strap to the back of the first bag. (see pic below)

We only have 2 kids, so obviously repeat step 3 until there is bag for each child in your party.

4. Decorate each bag as you wish… Disney stickers are always a plus!

5. Most important- Don’t forget your fish extender at home when it’s time to set sail! ENJOY!

BONUS: For extra special door customization, purchase foam letters and adhesive magnet strip ($5.99 Hobby Lobby) and adhere the magnet strip to the back of the letters. Your kids will love seeing their names on the door… It’s another cheap, added touch that goes a long way with the kiddos.

Here are some of the other fun door decorations we created with help from my favorite machine, my circuit!


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