The BEST Resort Pool at Walt Disney World

A trip to Walt Disney World sits atop the wish list of many kids and teens… well and lets be honest crazy, obsessed Disney adults like myself. Obviously, the parks are the first thing that usually comes to mind for a lot of newbies planning a trip to Disney, but a trip to Walt Disney World is not complete without some quality pool time and you can quote me anywhere on this. Many parents testify that their kids couldn’t stop raving about the pool experience they had on their trip and I can totally relate. I personally have at least a dozen great pool memories as a kid visiting various Disney Resort Hotels and to this day we always pencil in pool time on our Disney vacations!

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There are countless resorts and pools at Walt Disney World as I’m sure your aware, so choosing from such an assorted variety may prove a tough decision to make. So, I thought a quick review of my favorite Walt Disney World Resort pool might help you narrow down your decision on where to stay during your next Disney vacation. For me, there is absolutely one answer to the question: “What is the best pool at Walt Disney World?” It’s definitely Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort!

First off, I’m not alone on this. The Disney Tourist Blog, Undercover Tourist, and many other reputable tourist sites feel the same way about this fantastic pool. The pool achieves the rare feat of being fun for adults and children alike. You’re guaranteed to have a good time floating along Stormalong Bay’s lazy river with a cocktail in hand while your kids run amuck having a glorious kid time!

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The pool sits right between Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts occupying nothing short of 3 acres of seemingly endless fun; the pool is the largest at Walt Disney World. I highly recommend using a map if you want to fully explore this pool without running the risk of getting lost. If you’ll be going as a family, it’d be a good idea to designate a meeting spot before dispersing. The main pool houses about 75,000 gallons of water and there are clearly designated adult and children spaces, so if you’re looking for a little R&R away from the kids, you’re in luck.

Part of the pool’s major attraction is the sand. You can always see lively kids and teens making sandcastles by the pool. The water depth in the sandy area is quite shallow so the kids can have a field day enjoying themselves (and not bothering you)!

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If you ever go hungry (or thirsty) while at the pool (which is almost always), Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill is always there to save the day. There are a variety of options from light snacks to killer craft cocktails. Let’s be honest… the adult libations there do not disappoint! My personal fave’s are the Frose’ and Banana Cabana because after all they just sound fun!

After sitting in the Florida sun all day, the ice cream at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop remains my favorite treat inside. The infamous giant “Kitchen Sink” is enough to feed a small army with a whopping 8 scoops of ice cream and every topping on the planet you can imagine. You’ll even become a proud member of the “I ate the Kitchen Sink” club! So, go get your kids hopped up on some sugar and let them swim it off afterwards… you’re at Walt Disney World after all… live a little!

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The slide, known as The Flying Jib, is another reason why Stormalong Bay stands shoulders above the rest. If you have ever been on this slide at Walt Disney World, you would agree there is absolutely no comparison. At 150ft above the ground, it is the longest and wildest slide in Walt Disney World. It also can’t be missed because it hovers over the pathway en route to either the Yacht Club or Epcot and it’s large shipwreck can be seen from anywhere on Crescent Lake. It is by far my son’s favorite experience at Stormalong Bay and I absolutely have to agree with him. Here he is about to take the plunge… for like the eighth time in a row!


Stormalong Bay also serves up activities and surprises better than any other pool at Walt Disney World (arguably). You can choose to participate in a game of water basketball or volleyball, spin around in the whirlpool for an eternity, or choose a relaxing inner tube ride down the Lazy River. If you stay long enough, you might be lucky to find out the biggest surprise of all. I hate to spoil the fun, but It’s too cool not to mention… The bottom of the Stormalong pool is all sand! How about that for a surprise? It’s sort of like swimming in the ocean except salt water isn’t burning your eyes and you don’t have to worry about an encounter with hungry marine life with the munchies.

If you are like me, the pool experience at Walt Disney World is something to be considered when choosing your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. If this ranks high on your list when searching for the perfect hotel, Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort is sure not to disappoint. You and your kids will love every second spent there, especially by the pool. Trust me.

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