Our Complete Guide to the Best Interactive Games & Extras Inside Walt Disney World Parks

A lot of folks don’t realize that there are more to the parks than just the rides. Most of the Walt Disney World Parks have free or almost-free interactive games and activities for the whole family to participate in to enhance your magical experience at Walt Disney World. Here is a our guide to our favorite games and activities to do while we are at the parks in Walt Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

  • Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
    • We are relatively new to this game, however it has become a must do for our family- our 7 year old son absolutely loves it! In a nutshell, the goal is to help Merlin defeat Hades and his gang of Disney Villains by casting spells at various secret locations around the park. It’s essentially like a virtual scavenger hunt and it’s totally cool especially when you realize there are all these secret spots around the park you never knew about before. To participate, stop by the Fire Station on Main Street USA to sign up and at the time you’ll also receive your map and packs of spell cards. This game is totally free and now our kids love collecting new cards each time we go to Magic Kingdom! For more info on this game, visit the Walt Disney World website.

  • Pixie Dust at Harmony Barber Shop
    • This is a quick activity, but is a must-do for our 4 year old daughter every time we go to the Magic Kingdom. Walk into the Harmony Barber Shop, conveniently located right next to the Fire Station on Main Street USA, after you’ve picked up your spell cards for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and ask them for some pixie dust! A friendly cast member will sprinkle some of tinker bell’s magical pixie dust in your little ones hair that you’re sure to find on their scalps for months to come… trust me, I speak from experience.


  • A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas
    • This is an interactive treasure hunt that takes place in Adventureland inside the Magic Kingdom. The goal is to help Captain Jack Sparrow find 5 treasures throughout Adventureland before his foes, such as Captain Barbosa and Blackbeard, find them first. To play, stop by the crows nest across from Tortuga Tavern to get your  5 “magic talisman” and 5 maps/games. As you can see, there are 5 separate missions you can complete. The 5 “magic talismans” are special playing cards you must have to complete each map/mission. For more info on this game, visit the Walt Disney World website.
  • Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade
    • Going along with the theme of Frontierland, this wild west themed target game is set to mimic the infamous Boothill Graveyard located in Tombstone, Arizona. Per the usual, our family like to play this game to compete against one another so the winner can gloat the remainder of the day! Some of the targets you’re sure to see include cactus, covered wagons, and of course tombstones.


  • Egg-stravaganza Scavenger Hunt
    • Offered during Flower & Garden Festival- Find a hidden egg depicting your favorite Disney character inside each country in the World Showcase. The prize includes character Easter eggs- there are 6 variations to choose from. To play, purchase a game map and stickers for $5.99 at Disney Trader, Pin Central, or World Traveler. To redeem your prize, return completed game map to Disney Traders or look for signs that say “Map Purchasing and/or Redemption Location”.
  • Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration Scavenger Hunt
    • Offered during Flower & Garden Festival- Find a hidden plant stake with Spike inside the gardens of each country in the World Showcase. The prize includes a flower & garden patch set- there are 4 sets to choose from. To play, purchase a garden map and stickers for $5.99 at Port of Entry, Pin Central, or select gift shops. You can also look for signs that say “Map Purchasing and/or Redemption Location”.
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak Scavenger Hunt
    • Offered during Food & Wine Festival- Find a hidden ingredient with Remy inside each country in the World Showcase to help Remy make his famous dish, Ratatouille. In the past, prizes included Remy keychains or collectible pins- there multiple variations of each item to chose from to choose from. Currently the prize is a keychain and there are 4 to chose from! To play, purchase a game map and stickers for $5.99 at various locations around Epcot including Disney Trader, Pin Central, World Traveler, Festival Center, or Port of Entry. Just look for signs that say “Map Purchasing and Redemption Location”.

  • Chip & Dale Christmas Tree Spree Scavenger Hunt
    • Offered during Festival of the Holidays- Find a hidden ornament with Chip & Dale inside each country in the World Showcase. The prize includes a mini Chip & Dale pin set- there are 3 variations to choose from. To play, purchase a game map and stickers for $6.99 at various locations around Epcot. Just look for signs that say “Map Purchasing and Redemption Location”.

  • Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure
    • This is an interactive game that requires the use of a smartphone in an effort to defeat the devious Dr. Doofenshmirtz from terrorizing Epcot. To start the game, stop by Agent P’s headquarters on the main walkway heading into the World Showcase to sign up online at agentpwsa.com. From there, Major Monogram and his intern Carl will send you clues and missions while visiting various countries throughout the World showcase to defeat the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz. For more details on this game, visit the Walt Disney World website.
  • World Showcase Passport Kit
    • You can purchase a World Showcase Passport Kit for around $12 at virtually any of the gift shops before entering the World Showcase or any of the countries inside it. Visit the Kidcot Fun Stop inside each country to receive your passport stamp while engaging in a craft usually including Mickey’s favorite, Duffy the Bear. While visiting each country, the passport is designed to enhance your time there while documenting your travels. The kit includes the passport itself, sticker sheets for each country, and an Epcot button.
  • Kidcot Fun Stops
    • There is a Kidcot Fun Stop at all 11 countries inside Epcot’s World Showcase. Your kids can engage in a Duffy The Bear craft to take home as a souvenir and collect a stamp from each country to commemorate their trip around the world. Us adults personally LOVE the Kidcot Fun Stops because it allows us to take a load off and grab a cold beverage while our kids are entertained! For Kidcot Fun Stop locations in the World Showcase, visit the Walt Disney World website.

Animal Kingdom

  • Wilderness Explorers
    • The Wilderness Explorers adventure is a self guided, interactive mission through Animal Kingdom where you follow in the footsteps of your favorite Disney Pixar characters from the movie “UP”, Russell and his pal Dug the dog. You’ll set out on fact finding missions or animal explorations to earn up to 30 challenge badges that you can place inside your field guide which can be picked up at the Wilderness Explorers headquarters on the main bridge entering Animal Kingdom.

  • Fossil Fun Games
    • Located in DinoLand USA, these games consist of traditional carnival style games we all have grown up on and love… and so do our kids. These carnival style games, however come with a dinosaur twist! Everyone loves a good ole’ game of “Whac-A-Mole”, but in DinoLand USA this game is called “Whac-A-Packycephalosaur”. Other games include Mammoth Marathon, Comet Crasher, Fossil Fueler, and Bronto-Score. For our family, these games definitely bring out our competitive side and its one of our kids favorite parts of Animal Kingdom.

Hollywood Studios

  • Jedi Training Academy
    • Your child will become a Jedi recruit to test their abilities and learn to face the Dark Side! Your kids receive special training from Jedi Knights and will perform in a special show where they will face off against infamous Star Wars villains! This has become very popular and is on a first come first serve basis. To participate in the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, participants must register and be present at the time of park opening. Registration takes place Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost. For more information about Jedi Training Academy, visit the Walt Disney World website.
  • Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure
    • This interactive adventure is in collaboration with Disney Floral and Gifts and it doesn’t come cheap. For $500, guests must pre-order the Star Wars Interactive Adventure Experience from Disney Floral and Gifts, which comes with an assortment of Star Wars decorations and gear needed to complete the game once at Hollywood Studios. This gear is used in conjunction with the “augment reality” game app that must be accessed from your smartphone. For more information on this experience, visit the Disney Floral and Gifts website.


  • Pin Trading

  • Hidden Mickey/App

And this concludes Our Complete Guide of the Best Interactive Games and Activities inside Walt Disney World Parks. We hope you find this useful and you’re able to participate in one of these great interactive activities the next time your visiting a Walt Disney World Theme Park. If we’ve missed one of your favorite interactive games, please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be sure to add it to the list!

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