In a Not So Far Away Land

For most people, we have this idea that you have to travel across the planet to see the wonders of the world, but in all actuality, some of these natural wonders are right under your nose!

Florida is home to 8,500 miles of shoreline, but it also has 7,800 lakes, 320 springs and 35 rivers. Most people come to Florida for the beaches, but there’s more to the waters than sand and sunscreen.

We are from Jacksonville Beach, Florida and the above photo was taken less than two hours away from our home town at a pre-historic spring known as the Devil’s Den Spring in Williston, Fl. It was named the Devil’s Den by early settlers who would see steam rising from the opening above the spring on cold, winter mornings.

The Devil’s Den has become a world-class scuba diving site with more than 33 million years of history to explore. And who knew it was right in our back yard!

The moral of the story is, if you’re feeling adventurous and getting that itch to explore, you don’t have to fly half way across the world to take in the sights. Research destinations right in your own back yard and you’ll be surprised at what you find!

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