5 Ingredient Keto Butter Cookie Bites

First of all, I love sugar… like a lot. Second of all, I have an insanely busy schedule so I don’t have time to make elaborate meals or decadent desserts. Third of all, I’m always in need of a quick, throw together sweet treat with minimal ingredients to throw together in a pinch so I don’t eat an entire sleeve of my kids Girl Scout cookies. So here’s a recipe I’ve tweaked and can’t get enough of… hence why I have to make them like every 3 days because I eat all of them and share very little with my children (mom of the year right here.)

5 Ingredient Keto Butter Cookie Bites

– 1 cup almond flower ( I buy mine at Lucky’s, it’s the cheapest)

– 1 stick of melted butter

– 3 tbsp. of Swerve Confectioners Sugar

– 1 tsp of vanilla extract

– half tsp of Himalayan pink sea salt

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. I use my Kitchen Aid Mixer.

2. Scoop out into parchment paper and roll into one big ball.

3. Press it into a flat square about a quarter/half-inch thick.

4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour, then cut into squares.

The recipe makes about 20 squares!


These bad boys are around 125 calories and about 3 carbs each. Remember, I’m a mom of 2 with lots of side hustles… I don’t have time to get technical here and figure out exact measurements, so guesstimates will have to do!

I hope you enjoy and be sure to share this recipe with all your low-carbing, keto-loving friends!

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